New playlist. Add it on Apple Music or Spotify! Here are some highlights:

Get Famous - The Mountain Goats A catchy, satirical look at our societies obsession with fame. Remember to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my mailing list.

Movies -  Jeremy Ivey A wistful lament about how movies aren't what they used to be. Rings true to me. Especially now. Hat tip to my buddy Keith for this.

If It Ain't Me Babe - S.G. Goodman Nice wistful ballad by a Kentucky singer songwriter. She has a great voice. Not the Dylan tune, but clearly a nod to it.

Railroad of Sin - Sturgill Simpson He recored bluegrass versions of his songs during lockdown. This one works well in this format.

Campfire - Kevin Morby He's been doing great work the past few years. Maybe someday he'll come back to LA.

Thrill - Future Islands Another solid entry. Hope they keep doing what they're doing.