I'm sure I'm not the first one to that joke. Just wanted to make sure the most vulnerable demographic was paying attention.

Here's some things I've been reading and thinking about and some links to check out while you're home.

  1. Taleb is right about this one. The more quickly and drastically we act, the less impact it will have in the future. Read the paper. Share it.

2. Here's a great visual representation of the above principle.

3.  This is funnier. Also informative.

4. And if you have a library card, remember you can listen to free audio books and watch movies.  I'm using the Libby app, and Kanopy.  Currently, I'm listening to Dominion by Tom Holland on the spread of Christianity through out Rome and Europe. I'd also recommend checking out American Dharma by Errol Morris. Not enough people saw it and it's important to look this stuff in the eye. Or maybe a Bergman movie if you're in the mood for laughs.

5. Keep safe and if you find this useful subscribe or share. Thanks!