New playlist! Click the link to add it on Apple Music or Spotify. Old stuff, new stuff. Fun for the whole family. Thanks again to Keith for a lot of the recommendations. Here are some highlights:

Hollywood Hills - Josiah and the Bonnevilles I don't know much about this band, but there are a number of songs on this album that stuck in my head. This one in particular.

Sweet Oblivion - Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird Another great new album. Andrew Bird and Jimbo Mathus collaboration. Has the strengths of both. Check it out.

Call Me A Fool - Valerie June She feels like the rest of the world should knows about. Soul. Country. Weird Astrology. This song is great. She's had two classic albums, and I'm positive it's all  just starting for her.

Good Man - Dillon Warnek My friends described Dillon's songs as a "the most Ryan thing I've ever heard." I'm not gonna argue. They're funny, wry and just the right amount of catchy. Discovered him while watching a pandemic live stream with Jeremy Ivey at the The 5 Spot in Nashville, a venue I was lucky enough to attend while visiting a few years ago.  Really dig his stuff. Spread the word. And save our stages.

Shine Your Light on Me - Natalie Bergman Psychedelic gospel album. Again right up my alley. Released by Jack White's Third Man Records. They're doing a great job bringing cool stuff to the world.

L.A.'s On The Run - Tim Hill If you haven't picked up on it, I like songs about L.A. Especially weird country ones. This fits the bill. Good stuff.

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