Kanye West seems to be taking a page out of Bob Dylan's playbook. He's that level talented, so good for him. Add the playlist on Apple Music or Spotify!

Here are some other highlights:

  • Fire Walk With Me - The Black Key Rad track. Glad to see them keeping rock n'roll alive.
  • Hold Out Your Hand - Brandi Carlile I'm late to this party, but she's amazing. Huge fan of this album
  • Tablecloth - Hannah Williams & The Affirmations Keith sent me this song. It'll rock your socks off.
  • EARFQUAKE - Tyler, the Creater. I dig it. Found this song through Malcolm Gladwell's music podcast because that's were the cool kids get their music.
  • Goat Head - Brittany Howard. Cool and confessional. I dig it too. I hope she does more Thunderbitch.
  • Something to Hope For - Craig Finn. Saw him in LA a few weeks ago. The show was killer. Really digging this current phase of his song writing.